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Hager Equipment is transitioning to AMAC to create room for expansion, foster growth, and enhance our ability to serve our customers, just as we've successfully done for over 50 years.

The transition to AMAC will have no impact on existing contracts or agreements. All terms and conditions will remain valid and unchanged.

Absolutely. AMAC shares the same core values of integrity, quality, and customer satisfaction that have defined Hager Equipment. This transition maintains our commitment to these values.

There are no planned changes to the pricing structure for Hager Equipment products. We remain committed to offering competitive and fair pricing.

There will be no changes in the manufacturing or production processes for Hager Equipment. Our commitment to quality remains unwavering under the AMAC umbrella.

Our rail products under the Hager Equipment line include a variety of essential solutions, such as Personnel Carriers, Maintenance Buses, and Locomotives– designed to optimize efficiency, safety, and performance in rail operations.