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For over 40 years, AMAC and its Hager Equipment line have led in underground mining equipment innovation. AMAC focuses on rubber-tire-based gear, while Hager specializes in rail-based solutions for mining. Our dedication to safety, efficiency, and durability ensures the highest customer satisfaction. Trust in our products and expertise to meet your mining needs.

Hager Rail Equipment

Mining Locomotives

Our locomotive manufacturing and locomotive repair services ensure that your long-distance mining locomotives are operational, efficient, and safe. We can construct custom mining locomotives to transport large volumes of ore and other mined materials across your mine to make extraction fast and safe. We also offer locomotive repair services to ensure that your mining locomotives are running smoothly 24/7.

HA Series Mining Locomotive

Mining Locomotive Repairs and Rebuilds

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Personnel Carriers

Our personnel carriers can safely transport your personnel and all of their supplies and equipment underground. We can manufacture and repair custom personnel carriers for your mining business with safety, speed, and durability at the forefront of our designs. Our personnel carriers are designed to last for decades, and we offer eco-friendly fuel options and personnel carriers with a high environmental rating on all of their electronic components.

HA Series End Clips

HA Series Underground Personnel Transport

AMAC Rubber Tired Equipment

Shuttle Cars

Operational shuttle cars are imperative to any efficient mining operation. As well as manufacturing and building shuttle cars and mining equipment for our clients, we can repair shuttle cars and fabricate replacement components to get your existing shuttle cars up and running again. Our shuttle cars are fast, durable, and capable of carrying heavy loads of minerals, ore, and other mined materials to keep your operation efficient and smooth.

8TD24 Mid-Engine Shuttle Car

15TDN36 Mid-Engine Shuttle Car

15TEN30 Battery Shuttle Car

18TD48 Mid-Engine Shuttle Car

Shuttle Car Gathering Head Attachment

SUPERTRACK-5 (2) (1)


Introducing the Supertrack 5 - your compact solution for versatile mining operations. Tailored for agility and precision, the Supertrack 5 brings powerful performance in a more compact form, making it perfect for a variety of mining activities. Its innovative design allows for easy maneuverability in tight spaces, while still providing the high efficiency and reliability that is synonymous with our Supertrack series.


The Supertrack 8 stands at the pinnacle of industrial mining innovation, designed to revolutionize your mining operations. With its cutting-edge technology and robust construction, the Supertrack 8 delivers unmatched performance and reliability in the most challenging environments. Engineered for high efficiency, it offers a significant reduction in operational costs, while its precision in excavation and material handling ensures optimal productivity.



Personnel Carriers

Our personnel carriers are engineered to securely transport your team along with their supplies and equipment underground. Specializing in the custom manufacturing and repair of personnel carriers for the mining industry, we prioritize safety, efficiency, and longevity in our designs. Built to endure for years, our carriers come with sustainable fuel alternatives and boast a high environmental rating for all electronic components, ensuring a durable and eco-conscious solution for your business needs.



Loading Machines

Loading machines are capable of lifting extremely heavy loads of coal, ore, rock, and other mined materials. They require extremely high strength and power and excellent maneuverability to operate in tight spaces underground. We can manufacture custom loading machines for mining operations across the US and Canada. All of the loading machines that we build and engineer are designed to meet your specifications and project requirements.

Hopper Swing Tail Loader

LDM36E150 Loading Machine

AMAC Support Equipment

Cutting Equipment

Our experienced engineers can manufacture precise, powerful cutting equipment for use in mining, manufacturing, and other industries. We can construct cutting and mining equipment that easily cuts through rock, mineral, steel, and other tough materials. All of our cutting equipment meets top standards for safety. Our innovative cutting machines offer superior safety and efficiency while keeping your operating costs low.

Multi-Plane Cutting Machine


Conveyor Belt Winders

Conveyor belt winders are used in the mining industry to remove debris, dirt, and waste materials from mining sites to increase safety, visibility, and access. We can manufacture strong, reliable conveyor belt winders that meet your specifications to help you keep your mining site clear of rubble. We can manufacture winders for both advancing and retreating conveyors that simplify the operation of your underground conveyor belts.

Pneumatic Belt Winder

Belt Winder Rebuild

Heavy Equipment Repairs and Rebuild Services

At AMAC, we can repair and maintain your existing heavy industrial machinery as well as manufacture new models. We carry out heavy equipment repairs and rebuilds if your machinery isn’t working as it should. Our expert engineers can assess your machinery, diagnose faults and issues, and carry out swift repairs to get you back up and running as quickly as possible. Our range of services includes custom engineering, metal fabrication, and CNC machining as well as a complete repair and rebuild service on all types of underground mining equipment and heavy machinery.


Rock Duster

With a wide range of services, our expert team of mechanists and designers can not only repair or rebuild your rock duster, but also provide custom solutions for your unique needs.


Mining Locomotive Repairs

With our expertise in mining locomotive technology and the use of the latest diagnostic tools and cutting-edge technology, you can trust that your locomotives are in good hands with us.


Mining Locomotive Rebuilds

We provide customer-driven solutions for locomotive rebuilds, featuring an experienced team of design and build experts to ensure top-quality products that stand up to heavy rock and coal mining conditions.


Belt Winder Rebuild

We use high-quality parts, precision machining, and efficient assembly strategies to repair and rebuild your belt winder. We are experienced in this field and can quickly and accurately diagnose any problem you may have.

Custom Manufacturing Designs

At AMAC, we specialize in creating custom designs that meet our clients’ exact needs and requirements. We can draw up custom manufacturing designs for your mining equipment and heavy industrial equipment and tailor them to your business specifications. Our engineers can work closely with you to ensure that your heavy machinery includes all of the features that you need and meets your standards for performance, sustainability, efficiency, and power.