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Who We Are

American Manufacturing and Components Services

At AMAC, we are heavy equipment suppliers who can manufacture heavy machinery and component parts for clients across the US and Canada. We offer custom design and manufacturing services to clients in mining, manufacturing, and other heavy industries. We can create tailored components to repair, replace, and rebuild your heavy machinery and tools.


Custom Engineering

Our experienced engineers can deliver customized engineering solutions for clients for a variety of industries. We incorporate years of experience, research, and development into our engineering to offer tailored designs and fabrications delivered on time to your exact specification and budget.

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Underground Mining Equipment Manufacturers

We are underground mining equipment manufacturers with experience in manufacturing shuttle cars, loading machines, personnel carriers, mining locomotives, and cutting equipment for both surface and underground mining teams. We can manufacture bespoke mining tools and equipment to meet the needs of your mining project no matter how big or complex it is.

Heavy Industrial Equipment Manufacturers

Our heavy equipment and machinery manufacturing services are for businesses in every sector from mining to steel manufacturing. We can manufacture heavy industrial machinery for your business, tailoring each and every feature to your needs. You can trust us to build complex, powerful, and precise heavy industrial machinery to support your operations.

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Equipment Repair & Rebuild Services

Our expert engineers can assess, repair, and rebuild heavy machinery and mining equipment for multiple industries. We offer machinery, equipment, and locomotive rebuilding services to help you get your existing tools operational again. We can diagnose faults and breakages of all types and give you our honest recommendations for repair, rebuild or replacement. We can also carry out mining equipment maintenance to keep your mining machinery in the best condition at all times.

Machining Services

Our experienced machinists use cutting-edge CNC machines to create precise, strong machinery components that match your specifications accurately. All of our machinists are highly skilled and trained, and we only offer our clients components and elements that match the precise dimensions and details that they expect.

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Fabrication Services

Our custom fabrication services allow our clients to order steel and metal elements of specific dimensions and materials and receive precise and accurate fabrications with a fast turnaround time. We can fabricate high-quality steel elements for your mining, manufacturing or construction project as well as create new components and replacement parts for your heavy machinery and industrial tools.

Support Services

Our support team is on hand to help you at every stage of the process. From concept creation to designing, prototyping, manufacturing, and servicing your machinery, we’re here to offer you our expert advice and guidance every step of the way. We’ll answer any questions that you have and provide unlimited aftercare to ensure that you’re satisfied with your heavy industrial equipment.

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Recent Builds

At AMAC, we recently completed a variety of innovative projects, including custom mining equipment designed for enhanced efficiency and safety, and heavy-duty industrial machines built for high production demands.

Our Products

Our custom engineering solutions include shuttle cars, loading machines, mining locomotives, personnel carriers, and conveyor belt winders. We are mining equipment suppliers with years of experience creating custom heavy machinery and industrial tools for businesses across the US and Canada. You can count on us to build reliable, practical, high-performance products that support your industrial operations.