Mining Equipment: Maintenance and Servicing

Did you know that the United States mining industry has a market size of $944 billion? Proper mining equipment maintenance helps keep the industry thriving.

There are easy ways to avoid costly repairs and replacements in the mining industry. If you’re worried about the longevity of your mining gear, you must prioritize equipment servicing.

The following guide will explain proper mining equipment care and its benefits.

Lubricated Machinery

Your machinery experiences more stress if it’s not lubricated correctly. It’s also more vulnerable to damage that might affect productivity or cause a hazard. Proper lubrication can help you avoid transmission repairs and other industrial repairs.

Make machine lubrication a regular maintenance task to boost efficiency and longevity. Train workers, so they know how much lubrication to use for different machines.

Clean Mining Equipment

Mining quickly causes mud, dirt, and grit to build up on equipment. Dirty equipment doesn’t work as efficiently and breaks down more often.

Use the proper cleaning supplies for your machinery and clean them often. Always try to store your machinery in a covered area or under a tarp.

Mining Equipment

Diagnostics and Inspections

It’s helpful to get ahead of mining equipment issues before they occur. Gathering better information helps you manage your equipment properly.

Diagnostic services help identify problems and recommend areas for improvement. They can also help you develop a regular maintenance schedule for your workers.

Consider having regular mechanical and electrical inspections for your equipment. Professional inspectors can let you know about the condition of your machinery and ways to improve them.

Use an equipment audit to review your existing machinery for possible modifications and enhancements. It’s a good way to boost the efficiency of your mining equipment.

Assess your inventory frequently always to have the necessary parts on hand. Make sure to review current and past maintenance records often. You can also use online monitoring to track the condition of your machinery and other components.

Handle Wear and Tear

Both severe and minor wear can develop into bigger issues quickly. This is especially true for mining equipment that endures constant use.

Check your mining equipment often and take care of any wear or tear to parts as soon as possible. Doing so will extend the life of your equipment and enhance its performance. It will also speed up your mining operations and increase the safety of workers.

Training Workers

Your employees need proper maintenance training if you expect them to care for your equipment. Mining equipment is very unique and it takes specialized knowledge to maintain it.

Ensure that only employees with enough training and experience maintain your machinery to avoid costly issues.

Taking Care of Mining Equipment

You know a few easy ways to keep your mining equipment running longer and more efficiently. Remember, always have well-trained employees to keep your machinery clean and lubricated.

Also, inspect your equipment and run diagnostics to avoid issues caused by wear and tear. Contact us at AMAC if you have more questions about upgrading your mining products.